What I offer

performance enhancing
mental skills

Individual mental tools and concepts that promote excellence in performance.


Developing strong and productive leaders across the personnel


Increase your ability to eliminate distractions by learning how to presently and clearly place your attentional focus on the task at hand

Burnout management and recovery

Develop individual self-care habits that promote resilience through recovery

Mindfulness techniques

Learn techniques that help develop a non-judgemental awareness of the present moment to maintain concentration and effectively regulate activation

performance routines

Learn the effectiveness of performance routines and develop routines specifically customized to optimize your performance


Learn the different types of self-talk as well as how to effectively use it to adequately enhance concentration and increase confidence in performance

Relaxation techniques

Learn about the effectiveness of relaxation techniques and how to implement these that sustain readiness and promote recovery

Energy management

Long-term management of effects of stress and arousal to recover properly and maintain optimal performance


Learn about the effectiveness of imagery on performance and how to implement it into your routines to prepare for action


learn how to increase and sustain resilience in order to effectively bounce back and improve individual readiness

arousal regulation

learn in-the-moment flexibility through implementation of tactical breathing, cue word utilization, and body scan to regulate arousal and regain composure


learn how to improve and utilize your skills and styles to effectively achieve productive communication goals as a leader and member of a team

coping strategies

Develop your awareness of how you cope and learn healthy methods of coping that effectively reduce the adverse effects of perceived stress


Explore what confidence means to you, learn why it’s important and learn how to develop confidence to face adversity

Performance consistency

Build mental and physical routines for better energy/stress management as well as learn effective time management to improve efficiency of performance

Goal setting

Learn how to create goals that instill commitment, increase motivation, and compel action aligned with individual and collective values

optimal motivation

Learn about the spectrum and types of motivation as well as how to sustain optimal motivation for successful performance and increasing satisfaction


develop a mindset that promotes growth through understanding the different types that exist and the components that impact which one you choose

commitment development

Purpose exploration through values identification that instills committed action


learn how the effects of a productive attitude impact performance and how to modify attitude to achieve optimal performance

Work-life optimization

Learn the skills necessary for effectively striving for a meaningful balance of work and life that optimizes personal potential

performance enhancing

Collective concepts that promote excellence in organizational performance.

Leadership development

Learn how to effectively implement leadership principles within the organization as well as how to select and develop strong and productive leaders within the team or organization


Learn how to improve communication within the organization by gaining a better understanding of how you communicate amongst each other

burnout recognition and intervention

learn how to recognize signs of burnout in your team and develop methods to engage accordingly

coping strategies

(social support)
Learn the importance of effectively supporting each other and how to implement social support methods that promote healthy coping

growth mindset

(feedback focused)
Learn how the mindset affects critical components of organizational performance and development and how to sustain a growth mindset culture throughout the organization

action planning

Learn how to strengthen team morale and self-esteem through aligning goals and objectives and developing a common purpose

work consistency

Develop organizational routines that effectively reduce stress, manage energy, and increase productivity

developing work culture

Learn how to develop and sustain a productive and safe environment that values the individual and strives for excellence


Learn time and energy management methods that promote efficiency in organizational performance

mental skills

traning modules

Research-based connections of individual mental skills built into training programs.

Individual Burnout Prevention

4 to 12 week training program


4 to 12 week training program

Collective Burnout Prevention

4-week training program

Collective Burnout Prevention

4-week training program

Work Cuture Development

4-week training program

supporting methods to services

Measurable assessments that develop awareness of the mind/body/performance connection, provide objective data, and enhance skill development and implementation.

Performance Assessment

Assessments that evaluate current knowledge and implementation of tools and concepts related to personal and organizational performance
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Real-time display of physiological data to show effectiveness of various skills, enhance implementation, and increase awareness of specific areas of improvement

Needs assessment

Initial individual/organizational assessments consisting of interviews, observations, meetings, and performance assessments that provide critical information to the decision makers about current issues

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