My pricing is fully flexible based on mutual goals, timing, and the financial abilities of the clients. For more information, please connect with me and I will do my best to meet you where you are.

individual/group sessions

50 minute sessions with individuals or groups scheduled on a case by case basis. These sessions may entail initial intakes, assessments, and holistic interactions that lead you to the sustainment of high performance through routine development and adaptability.


Specifically built and tailored to meet your needs and apply to the domain of performance. Upon initial consultation, I provide you with a menu of options that address specific concerns you may have and work towards collaboratively shaping a final product. Workshops can be anywhere from 1-5 hours.

sessions throughout season

These are 30-45 minute sessions I can provide throughout the season and at any point within the season to enhance performance and produce results. After initial consultation, I build a program that mirrors the physical training program of the team to maximize effectiveness of services. Season sessions can be provided in an of the following.

sessions throughout quarter

Based on a quarterly period within a calendar year, these are 30-45 minute sessions I provide over the course of a quarter to enhance performance for your organization.

4 - 12 week training modules

Research based connections of the mental skills concepts built into multi week training programs. These programs are specifically designed based on the needs of the organization in an effort to increase awareness along with improving performance readiness and resilience to armor, equip, and empower your team to remain proficient and sustain optimal performance through the toughest of times. Training modules include access to resource rooms, module additional content in the form of regularly disseminated handouts, and periodic assessments to build awareness of current behaviors. The length and scope of the module is collaboratively built with the client and will determine the depth I go within each concept.

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