Barbora Kijasova

Barbora Kijasova


Armor, Equip, Empower Mental Performance is not only a provider of services for mental performance leading to performance enhancement. AEE is here to fulfill a mission of building a strong community of leaders and high performers in all areas and of all levels across the nation and beyond. We serve everyone who strives for the mastery over the mind that leads to higher productivity, fulfillment, and success in their performance domain as well as in lives.

With strong dedication, AEE provides various types of services from individual sessions to weeks-long training modules to the first responders’ community, athletes with disabilities, and the general population – all along with one goal, to get your performance to the edge of possibilities and potential when it matters most. Along with delivering customized training to its clients, AEE actively contributes with its expertise to the public here, on AEE Blog, as well as on Instagram to elevate performance and fulfillment on a daily basis.

This is AEE in a shell – we provided more info on About Us page – but who stands behind it all? Two extreme enthusiasts coming from different life experiences, yet deeply aligning in their values and sharing a singular vision. Barbora and Brian have created, perhaps, the most possible diverse team in this field that offers multiple perspectives providing a deeper understanding of various phenomena, therefore flexibility to choose the right strategy for each type of work and client.

We, Barbora and Brian, created AEE to train your mind and push your limits to the edge in the domain that is most important for you. We believe AEE will serve you as a valuable guide on your path towards personal and performance excellence. And with others joining along, you will build a strong community of leaders and high performers that move the world.

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