how I offer it

Non-clinical Brief Assessments

Measurable brief assessments that begin the process of developing awareness towards the mind/body/performance connection, provide objective data, and enhance skill development and implementation.

Individual Consultations and Check-ins

Personal consultations for individuals looking to learn how they can master life challenges, successfully face adversity, and perform at their best when it matters most. I work with you to build a productive mindset that is applicable in both your performance domain and in various aspects of life.

Group Consultations

Individualized skills training, awareness on group/team/organizational dynamics and tools to foster the culture and supportive environment amongst the group/team/organization.


Sessions offered through electronic means to individuals and groups.

Workshops / Presentations

More of an educational and less interactive format where I seek to educate at all levels of the team and organization or specific levels on topics related to resilience, performance enhancement, or training techniques.

Training modules

Research-based connections of individual mental skills built into multi-week training programs based on the needs of the client.


An alternative method of offering presentations in an engaging and collaborative format that is viewable after presentation.

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