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Resilience Training Module

Do you bounce back or fall apart?

Welcome to the Online Resource Room for Resilience Training Module.

Resilience helps you harness the inner strengths that get you to function most effectively (OZONE) in the toughest moments and recover appropriately after action so you return back even stronger.

Our mission is to make you resilient, but remember, your skills are only as good as you put this knowhow into practice.

Research-based conceptualization

To effectively face adversity, one needs to be in a high state of readiness. That includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resources being aligned for a specific situation or task.

Recent research on pre-performance routines suggests that applying routines before performance enhances not only the quality of the performance but also ability to effectively respond to adverse situations. In addition, implementing post-performance routines speeds up quality recovery (by stimulating a parasympathetic nervous system).

Recovery is one of the main components contributing to mental and physical readiness to perform well (OZONE) and immerse into adversity.

Effectiveness of these routines depends highly on personal preferences and characteristics of the situation – intentionality and understanding of the Inverted U theory is a key towards applying the right routines at the right time (Yerkes & Dodson, 1908).

What will you learn?

You will gain practical understanding of how OZONE and recovery, along with recognizing current states in terms of the 4 pillars, play an inevitable role in one’s resilience.

You will then learn how to create an immediate awareness of the four pillars (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) that contribute to the full engagement and mental readiness necessary for maximized performance quality. You will learn how to effectively adjust within these pillars based on a current state and needs in regards to a particular task or a situation through pre-performance and performance routines.

You will also learn specific strategies for effective recovery as a part of post-performance routines promoting full disengagement for maximizing recovery. You will learn how to cognitively process undesired situations and outcomes as well as to tap into a parasympathetic nervous system (recovery physiological state) to maximize recovery and therefore move along the path of resilience successfully.