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Individual Burnout Prevention

When your perception matters...

Burnout prevention starts with you. Learn how your perception plays a role in prevention through understanding fundamental concepts that allow you to operate at your best more consistently. Additionally, develop awareness of your current behaviors and how they work for you as well as learn how to recognize your needs, your limits, and how to manage them accordingly to be more effective at keeping burnout at bay.

Table of Content

Consequences of burnout

The two broad consequences of experiencing burnout lie in employees’ health and performance. Burnout can result in reduced job satisfaction, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, increased turnover, and can negatively impact an employee’s physical and mental health. Burnout is a precursor for depression and may be associated with chronic fatigue.

Research-based conceptualization

IBP is a unique program that addresses three key concepts along with a theoretical background that, based on the current research, have an inevitable influence on burnout from the individual perspective. These three concepts – growth mindset, coping strategies, and optimal motivation – highly impact and are impacted by our perception of work-related situations and their outcomes.

What will you gain?

You will gain a big picture understanding of how all three training concepts and individual perception interact together and how they play a role in keeping burnout at bay.

With the big picture in mind, you will gain a deeper awareness and understanding of how and when to change between perception styles; how and when to apply specific types of the mindset; how to identify maladaptive coping strategies and their impacts and begin coping more adaptively; and how to optimize motivation by strengthening components of self-determination and utilizing both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators optimally promoting a more intrinsic approach to performing.