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The Sustainment of High Performance Through Full Engagement


“Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere
effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision
to see obstacles as opportunities.”


What is mental performance?

Mental performance is, in large part, about learning how to activate the productive parts of the brain that compel action and promote confidence, learning, self-control, focus, and performance flexibility all for consistently optimal functioning. This entails training mentally just as we do physically. Similar to physical conditioning, we train the big and small mental muscles that help improve overall performance.

Skills, such as mindful focus, goal setting, mindset, optimal motivation, and stress-management allow you to not only sustain high performance on a consistent basis in a high stress environment, but also help you become mentally ready to face hardships and psychologically resilient along your path towards fulfillment, excellence, and effective leadership. Mental performance training provides methods that are proven by extensive research across various performance domains (sport, high-risk, business organizations) that allow individuals to adequately regroup, refocus, and respond regardless of the situation.

My focus, Your gain

Prevent significant mistakes and deeper issues

Sustain your Physical & Mental Health

Optimize your performance and achieve your goals

Who I serve

...and most common performance concepts.

First responders

Stress Resilience
Energy Management
Performance Routines

Healthcare professionals

Adaptive Coping
Optimizing Recovery

elite athletes

Optimal Motivation

Executives & Leadership

Leadership & Values
Goal Setting & Attainment

How I can serve you

Individual Development

Personal consultations for individuals looking to learn how to master life challenges and successfully reach their performance potential.

Organizational Development

Work with organizational leaders and personnel looking to enhance the proficiency and efficiency of their organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

Be ready, Be Resilient

Online training

Combat tested online mental training

for you living in a chaotic life jungle

conceptualization of performance


Self-awareness facilitates understanding of current state and sets the stage for developing committed action towards the process.


Prevent significant performance breakdowns and mental health issues through the implementation of effective tools, concepts and interventions.


Proactivity helps enhance well-being through providing feedback that compels productive actions in advance of negative impacts from high stress situations.

Cycle of Performance (CoP)

We all embark upon this Cycle of Performance within what we do that matters to us. Effectively engaging in our CoP, in high stress environments (recover, prepare, and perform), enhances our ability to sustain both high performance and a high level of resilience through optimal regulation of our body’s stress response system (a.k.a. HPA Axis). The stress response system can become dysregulated over time as a result of a chronically unhealthy approach to stress. This can ultimately lead to performance breakdowns as an indicator of both a dysregulated stress response system and partial engagement in the cycle, that is, underemphasizing preparation, overlooking recovery, or muscling through performance where flow is possible.

Additionally, performance involves a continuous cycle of regrouping, refocusing, and responding (the 3 R’s of optimal performance). That said, the goal is to fully engage each phase of the cycle through the implementation of performance enhancing skills interwoven into established and effective routines that bring awareness to physical and mental states, prevent stress injury and performance breakdowns, and proactively enhance functioning and well-being. Full engagement regulates the stress response system, allowing for a more ready & resilient state. Your ready & resilient state is where you will be able to more consistently perform optimally in high pressure situations. What does READY and RESILIENT look like? Click the link below to find out more.

Specializing in

Promoting the sustainment of high performance through enhancing mental readiness and psychological resilience to lead your environment and fully engage in what matters.


It’s being physically energized, mentally focused, spiritually aligned, and emotionally connected

It’s where we maintain resilience and achieve our ready & resilient state

It’s where prevention of stress injuries happens

It’s where we effectively sustain high performance

It’s where we find effective leadership


Performance Routine Establishment

Resilience Enhancement

Effective Stress & Energy Management

Core Values Optimization

Goal Setting & Mindset Application

Maximization of Focus & Concentration

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